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China Programmatic 國內移動廣告

programmatic Marketing

Traditional advertising campaigns evaporate your resources quicker than you think. With our Programmatic Advertising solutions, your campaign is implemented with a China advertising shortcut that cuts through all users, reaching your target audience directly to ensure high cost-effectiveness. We offer you a prime opportunity to revisit your marketing strategies with the help of data technology. Pinpoint the right people on popular channels, personalise their ad experience and voila, drive them into your sales numbers.




8000+ CHINA PLATFORMS 海量媒體資源

We have extensive display placement of over 8,000 famous apps and websites in China including Douyin, Toutiao, Tencent,  Xiaohongshu and much more.

Mobfever 數據營銷平台涵蓋國內超過8000個知名網站及APP,其中包括抖音,今日頭條,騰訊,小紅書等,讓您的視頻廣告、移動廣告滲透不同內地平台,直擊目標受眾。

品牌安全保障 Brand Safety


Our programmatic solutions safeguard your content from untrusted and low quality platforms and utilise your resources on where it works best.

人工智能投放 Intelligent Promotion


Control your China advertising expenses with better segmentation and targeting driven by AI. Analyse your target audience and make conversion rate soar to optimise your resources.

自主內容屬性標籤 Content Label Technology

Mobfever 平台特設群眾屬性標籤功能,有效將軟文推廣及PMP廣告技術完美結合,您可按用戶特性為軟文自定屬性標籤,配合AI投放技術,助您精心規劃及追蹤目標受眾。

Pinpoint the reading agenda of your target audience with our AI tool that analyses audience interest and other personal attributes and matches with suitable tailor made content. he cost.

自主計費模式 Multiple Pricing at your Choice

Mobfever 大數據營銷平台的信息流廣告解決方案備有不同計費模式,可選擇按曝光、點擊、轉化等方式計費,讓您在內地的移動廣告及視頻廣告投放保持靈活,滿足推廣需求。

Our programmatic advertising solution allows you to stay flexible on your China ad pricing and only pay by CPM, CPC or CPA.

超成本賠付保障 Guaranteed Cost

Mobfever 的信息流廣告採oCPM投放模式以保障轉化效能,同時我們願意承擔廣告投放前期風險,若超出成本上限則賠付,以確保預算盡在你掌握之中。

Our campaigns run on Optimized Cost Per Mille (oCPM) to ensure everything is kept within your budget. Get compensated if the price cap is exceeded.