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Mobfever has specialised in China marketing solutions since 2018.We are ON LIST distributor of Bytedance. Native to digital marketing, our team of experts builds impactful campaigns that set agenda in the emerging market and gets your business connected with global platforms.

量飛移動優化有限公司(MOBFEVER),字節跳動旗下營銷服務品牌“巨量引擎(Ocean Engine)”香港區代理,整合今日頭條、抖音短視頻、抖音火山版、西瓜視頻、懂車帝、Faceu激萌、輕顏相機、穿山甲等產品營銷能力,為品牌提供不同場景下的營銷服務,幫助品牌持續與目標人群溝通互動,為品牌實現營銷目標提供動力。

Room 2108, 21/F, W212
No. 212 Texaco Road,
Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Hong Kong
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