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Douyin Ads 抖音廣告


Get to Know Douyin/Tiktok

Douyin is China’s leading destination for short-form mobile videos. Powered by easy-to-use video creation tools and smart recommendation technology, Douyin quickly became a highly popular app across the country. It empowers everyone to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge and moments that matter in everyday life, presenting a wide and diverse range of content on the platform.


抖音是國內視頻廣告的主要平台。 在容易使用的視頻創建工具和智能投放技術支持下,抖音迅速成為了全國最受歡迎的應用程序。 抖音使每個人都能捕捉日常生活中至關重要的創意,知識和時刻,而在抖音平台產上亦出現廣泛及多樣的視頻內容。因此近年吸引大量國際商家使用抖音廣告後台投放抖音移動廣告受及視頻廣告。


Douyin's Data 抖音廣告數據

Douyin DAU reached 600 millions (until 2020 Sep), user’s avg. time spent per day is 69mins,  a must-have short video marketing platform for clients.



Douyin's Demographic 抖音用戶數據

Douyin user’s demographic data:  male gain 52.2%, females get 47.8%; main age group is 25-30 (24.8%) ,31-35 (22.9%) and 19-24 (21.7%).


抖音用戶的人口統計數據:男性52.2%,女性47.8%; 主要年齡段是25-30(24.8%),31-35(22.9%)和19-24(21.7%)。

In-feed Video Ads 抖音信息流廣告

Leverage the native in-app viewing experience with branded video content embedded in ‘For You’ feed. Appears as native as possible: Up to 60- second long full-screen video ad, auto- play, sound-on; users can like, comment, and share.



Buying Model 購買模式

CPM (每千次曝光成本),CPV (每次觀看成本),CPC (每次點點擊成本),CPI(每安裝一次APP的成本)

Takeover Ads 抖音開屏廣告

Increase your brand awareness and build a strong impact with the full-screen display on splash screen. This is the first display you see upon opening Douyin, also you can enjoy 100% SOV on splash screen.


全屏廣告在抖音App啟動時進行展示,強力的視覺衝擊可提高您的品牌知名度並鎖定客戶群產生強烈的品牌效果。移動廣告會當你打開抖音時第一個顯示,可達到100% SOV。

Buying Model 購買模式

CPM (每千次曝光成本),CPT by City (每日展示成本;可自由選擇城市)

Hashtag Challenge 抖音挑戰賽

Hashtag Challenge capitalizes on our audience’s natural tendency to create and share content. Brands can build affinity by turning users into cocreators.

  • Professional customization
  • Extra top value ads support
  • Co-create the marketing content with users
  • Take advantage of Influencer / Branded Effect / Music


抖音Hashtag Challenge利用了抖音KOL視頻創意和共享內容的自然趨勢,令品牌可以通過將用戶轉變為創造者來建立親和力。每個Hashtag Challenge均是專業定制,為品牌創做額外的移動廣告支持,充分利用抖音KOL/品牌效應/音樂,與用戶共同創建營銷內客。

Buying Model 購買模式