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China Advertorial 軟文推廣

China Advertorial Overview

Get the conversation flowing with China word of mouth marketing. In the emerging Chinese market of over 8 million active internet users, perception of a brand comes largely from online reviews.
Make a powerful first impression and build up your brand image with our virtual word of mouth service on giant platforms like Weibo and Sohu. By developing a real people’s network, we bring an innovative, effective and persuasive way to make a statement for your brand.

中國互聯網發展瞬息萬變,用戶對品牌的認知構建由線下一手體驗,轉至線上的二手信息,使軟文推廣成為各大品牌的必爭之地。Mob Fever為你提供多元嶄新的軟文推廣方案,以創新高效的軟文制作,配以今日頭條、搜狐、微博、微信、小紅書、知乎等逾千個優質平台資源,展示你的品牌優勢,全面提升品牌曝光率及知名度,為打入中國市場注入一支強心針。

1000+ China Platforms

1000+ China Platforms

We have extensive connection of over 1,000 famous websites and forums in China including Weibo Dahao, Baidu Knows, Zhihu, Sohu, Tencent and much more.

Mobfever 與逾千國內外媒體平台合作,涵蓋各門戶及行業網站、新聞資訊平台、自媒體、社交平台及問答論壇等,其中包括今日頭條、搜狐、微博大號、微信軟文、小紅書、知乎等,讓您的新聞軟文滲透中不同內地平台,直擊目標受眾。

Targeting the Right Topic
受眾羣興趣主導 精準定向

Get to know where to seed your content for high-yield performance, ranging from popular topics like travel, entertainment, shopping, luxury, fashion, sports, health, food and wine, finance, education, you name it.

Mobfever 會依據產品特色及不同平台受眾喜好,精準定位目標受眾平台,策劃高效多樣的軟文推廣方案,助品牌緊抓受眾羣的興趣及消費心理,使其為產品真實買單,從而帶來真正業務價值。

Targeting the Right Topic

Lifelong Exposure on the Internet

Lifelong Exposure on the Internet


Once published, the article and recommendations that spark discussions will earn lifelong exposure on the Internet, driving uncountable views and continuous positive impressions.

Mobfever 的軟文推廣方案不啻於當下與目標受眾產生情感連結,觸發評論留言,提升品牌熱度;同時更可配合搜尋引擎優化,讓優質軟文維持恆久曝光,延續口碑效應,樹立正面積極的品牌形象。

Localised Language for Dispersed Targets


Our word of mouth solution uses highly localised languages on the most effective platform to strike a chord with targets from different regions of China.

Mobfever 軟文推廣方案利用本土化語言及切合投放平台的用語,與來自中國不同地區的目標受眾產生情感共鳴。

Localised Language for Dispersed Targets